WhatsApp Mentions And Group Invites Features Could Be Coming Soon

Whats Group Invites

The group chats of WhatsApp which is an unique messaging platform and celebrating its huge success for binding friends, family and business on a single platform giving its user a one more reason to stick around it. In a group chat where we are allowed to send the same message to multiple contacts without typing it again and aging and having conversation with a group of friends, trying to get someone attention is very complex especially when there are volumes of message. But WhatsApp has beaten this hurdle and came up with a brand new feature which will help its user to grab the attention of the particular user to have the conversation in the context of the group.

This upcoming feature of WhatsApp has the ability to mention the particular user in your conversation according to the WABetainfo. The feature will let you to tag users in their conversation, where tagging will actually prompts that particular user with a notification. This can be simply done by adding “@” symbol followed by the name of the user, similar like in Facebook and Instagram where we use @ to identify the user with. It will help in grabbing the attention of users in the group chat.

However users require to manually type the full name of the user or WhatsApp can auto complete it for its user is not sure.

Another upcoming feature which WhatsApp is going to introduce is the ability of group send invites. Earlier to this, admins used to add other users to the group manually. By creating a group invite, users will be able to share the invite with people, like with a post on Facebook or email. By following those links users can join the groups by themselves. These features are now not live for the regular users but appear to be in the beta for WhatsApp. These are hopefully going to turn out in a short while.

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