Ways to Increase Visitors and Traffic from Social Media

Many businesses publish meaningful content as a way to build their visitors and increase traffic to their websites. Despite they may not be getting enough traffic they want from each piece of content they create. If you look at your blogs traffic stats, then social media is likely to be among the top traffic sources. Indeed for many blogs, social media traffic is even more valuable than search engine and direct traffic. In fact, however, the amount of traffic you manage to attract from social media bank on largely on how you frame your social media posts and the share worthiness your content. Social media has become a big part of marketing strategy and impressive growth of social media is nothing to ignore. There are ways to win big with social media and techniques that willleave you searching for answers. Here are some of the key points you should keep in mind while making a strategy for driving traffic and conversions from social media.

Use High Conversion Keywords

Certain keywords on all social networks generate more engagement than others, by attracting more clicks and get more exposure. Using high conversion keywords intelligently in social media updates can increase the visibility and potency of your posts. Some of the high conversion keywords for leading social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

Expand Your Reach with Hashtags

You must have seen people using different hash tags with their social media posts and updates as it expands the reach of your posts beyond your followers and help you reach new audiences. Moreover they help you create social media discussions, trends and chats that can be used for wide ranging purposes. One or two hashtags per post can very much increase the effectiveness of your social media content and help you generate more traffic and conversions.

Use Visual Content for More Engagement

Social media is designed for visual content, and there is no wonder that image based content appeal to more engagement as compared to simple text based posts. Thats why necessary that you regularly include images, videos, GIFs and other forms of visual contents in your social media updates. Its important to understand the value of unique, high quality and actionable content. With that one should also make it a pattern to implement images within your posts.

Create Share Worthy Blog Content

Social media conversion rates and engagement have a lot to do with the kind of blog content you create. In the case if your content consists of low quality, then most of your optimization techniques will be ineffective. Generally social media users prefer intriguing and highly actionable content written in a pleasing way with engaging headlines. Articles and updates attract most of the social shares because of headlines and innovative content ideas. For getting more social media traffic content should absolutely top notch for your audience.

Author: Pramod Sharma

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