Unpredictable Algorithm Updates and Vulnerability in Traffic: Reasons Your Business Needs Expert SEO Help Immediately

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Between July 11 and July 18, the SEO industry recorded unforeseen fluctuations in rankings among popular websites. Few popular websites lost more than 75% of their traffic, while traffic to some medical sites increased by as much as 100%. Apart from announcing the core update on June 2019, Google has not announced any changes in ranking signals or algorithm as of now.

Numerous website performance tracking tools and noted SEO experts commented on the sudden volatility in website traffic. There was significant chatter within the SEO community across the globe. Ecommerce sites around the world reported drops or unexpected rises in activity on their sites. Only a few websites reported no change at all. News, sports, art and entertainment, finance sites, food and drink websites, and online communities saw the highest volatility during the 7-day window. The sudden rise of traffic to sites like nfl.com and humblebundle.com piqued the curiosity of the SEO experts. These were the same sites that had lost a significant volume of traffic following the June core update.

Has there been another Google algorithm update?

Since Google did pre-announce the June core update and stated clearly that they would also announce all future updates, the only explanation for the unexpected fluctuations is the delayed effects of the June update. Some SEO experts are of the opinion that it was a “weird” update that is hard to track. The consensus points towards a pattern-breaking update that is difficult to compare against the regular Google algorithm updates. Interestingly, popular tracking and analytics tools like cognitive SEO, RankRanger, MozCast, and SERP metrics show similar flux in during the particular period. It is entirely reasonable to assume that Google tweaked their current algorithm, although it was not major.

Some experts of the industry are calling this rather unusual and unpredicted update the Maverick. However, there is no confirmation from Google’s site about the roll-out of another update in the last month. If your Seattle business website has experienced changes in traffic, visibility, and sales, it might be due to these minor changes in the search engine algorithm. Although no sane SEO agency will advise their clients to chase Google Updates, it is always wise to make a note of any significant changes in the search algorithm that might affect your site’s performance.

What role does SEO play in the game of algorithm updates?

SEO decides how visible and active your website will be in the oncoming days. Search engine optimization determines how search-engine-friendly your site is before it ranks your presence against a relevant search query on the Google SRL. In case your website has been on the receiving end of the traffic vulnerability, it is time to run a complete website performance analysis. Almost all websites in Seattle use Google Analytics, and that’s a good practice. You just need to know how to leverage its maximum potential. We can understand how demanding running a successful business can be, so we always suggest hiring an expert SEO team for eCommerce sites catering to the Seattle consumers. Visit https://kickmedia.com.au/seo-brisbane/ to find out how to find and hire SEO experts with ease.

What can your local team of SEO experts do for your business?

A local team of SEO experts has the right idea about the market, and they know what makes the consumers tick. If you have an existing digital marketing strategy, it is of utmost importance that you think about integrating it with your SEO strategy. Through the integration, it is possible to maximize a brand’s visibility and traffic. Whenever there is a downward spike of traffic and sales, it is the responsibility of your SEO team to run a complete website performance analysis.

Upon complete analysis, the team should run an in-depth website audit to piece the puzzle together. Knowing which ranking signals are weak isn’t enough. If your bounce rates are high and the conversion rate is low, your team must determine which pages experience the highest bounce rates and lowest conversions. The SEO agency should be able to bridge the gap between the experience the target users want, and the website provides. Google has emphasized the importance of user experience umpteen times before this update. High bounce rates and low conversion rates are both signifiers of inferior UX. It can serve as negative ranking signals for the search engine.

Your chosen SEO agency in Seattle should be ready to make the necessary changes in layout, loading speed, keyword strategy, and technical aspects of both on-page and off-page SEO. For example one of the most important tasks that SEO teams should handle, but they rarely cover reputation management. How your website features in review sites or on consumer testimonials matter when search engines consider the popularity of a business. The overall experience you provide to your customers will determine how well your website performs.

Why do all online businesses need an SEO team?

Google analytics tool has the potential to identify the factors that are currently affecting your site’s visibility, traffic, and profit negatively. However, you need the right SEO Company beside you to fully harness the potential of the tools already available to you. With a dedicated team of local Seattle SEO experts, you should be able to retrieve actionable data from the analysis and auditing steps.

Unlike Google algorithms that begin to show their effect within an hour of the roll-out, SEO strategies take time. Sometimes, significant changes take between two and four months to have any positive impact on the incoming organic traffic and sales. Understandably, no business owner can find time after managing his brick and mortar business to work on his or her website or learn the ins-and-outs of SEO. That is the very reason you should have a trustworthy SEO company by your side when business is slow. When you have the experts by your side, all you need to do is sit back and wait till traffic picks up again.

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