How to Make Money of Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to make money from your website. Working online has become a lifestyle lately and millions desire to do the same. What works with AdSense sites could become a stable source of income for you. The interesting fact is that countless users are making a living out of income online. If you have ever tried research on how people make money online, then you must have read about AdSense many times. Google AdSense service offered by Google to monetize web content and it has always been most popular way to monetize the content and stepping stone for people who want to earn online. The ease of using is reason for AdSense popularity and after initial configuration all you need to do is see money coming into your account.

You need a blog or YouTube channel to getting started with AdSense as an approval for AdSense account. After having an account all you need to do is create ads and place the AdSense code on your blog using free plugins, and AdSense will automatically display ads. When somereader clicks on those ads, you can earn money from it. After that the more traffic you get the more income generates. So your goal is to get traffic. Google AdSense is a quality ad network that have maintained a high level of quality and illegal methods to get more clicks cost you a disabled AdSense account. Few important things to keep in mind:

Choose a profitable niche – one more very important consideration that what your site is about or which niche your site is in. There are niches where high value clicks are common and niches. This is why you need to choose a niche where clicks pay well. After you choose the niche, you must need to find the high volume keywords in it.

Place the Ads in visible places – Strategic placement of the ad units is vital for your profits. When you place ads where they are visible, this certainly increases the number of clicks you will get. Basically, the closer the ads to the text are the better.

Optimize the Ads for higher CTR – Strategic placement is vital but there are many other aspects you need to take into account when you optimize your pages for high Click Thru Rate (CTR). Choose the right ad size, multiple ad units and right color to fine-tune your ad units in order to attract more clicks.

Drive traffic to your site one important prerequisite for making money with AdSense is traffic. Even if you have an incredibly high CTR but if you don’t able to manage drive traffic to your site, you won’t be making money. And most important free traffic source are search engines.

Author: Pramod Sharma

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