Learn How To Point Domain On My GODADDY Server

Point Domain

Hi guys! In this post we aresharing the steps to point our domain on GODADDY server. This post is for those who are the users of GODADDY but, having account other than the server account ID. Mostly users face problems in this activity they got confused in between changing server IP change or NAMING server change conflicts. Actually we change IP address. So, here we are clearing the activity you should follow if domain Id and Server Id both are different.

Step for Point Website:

  1. Open GODADDY Panel
  2. Manage Domain
  3. You can Show Your Domain Here
  4. Click On Domain
  5. Click On DNS Zone File
  6. Showing An IP Here
  7. Click On Edit Record
  8. Copy & Paste Your Server IP address
  9. After Some Times Your Domain will Be Point

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