How much will my business app cost

If you are running a business that takes innovation, mobile phone has been on your radar now. In the recent past years, the mobile application market exploded. The use of mobile app has grown by approx. 60% between 2015 and 2016. Except from the apps related to games, every app category posted year-on-year growth in 2016 with personalisation, news as well as productivity leading the market in app development.

Make your own Digital Strategy

At present, this is important to have an app as per of digital strategy, because people are using mobile phone not just to make calls, but it is a way to do your further activity.

Even, developing a mobile app is a tough task because there are many things that business owners need to think about. When business owner thinks to have an app for business, the first thing that comes in mind is that how much will my business app cost.

Specific Features to Estimate the Cost

You will need the complete information about the app from the outset for example the platform you have selected and the specific features will help you to estimate the exact amount of developing a business app. iOS apps are faster to develop but Android apps need two to three times longer to develop the same app in iOS.

This is very true that it is almost impossible to evaluate an know exactly how much will my business app cost if you didnt know about every feature, screen and UI element which it would have moreover, the kind of an app also plays an important role.

  • First app is web apps, it would be the cheapest, but would not work without an internet connection.
  • Second one is Hybrid app, it allows you to hit lot of platforms but with it you but lack in APIs and performance.
  • At last, native apps, these are the best but it is very costly and is limited by the single platform.

This is obvious that the larger an app is the more time it needs to be built and as a result it determines how much it would cost.

Collection Services or Assortment

If you are looking to develop a small and simple app then first of all you need to know that these are used only to inform a customer about your business, collection, services or assortment. This redirects users to sources with more information topics they are taking interested in. These kinds of app will cost you from $ 1, 000 to $5,000.

Data based apps enable user to search, filed and also sort your collection that you stored in your app. People will also be able to check more information about your products and services and what amount you charge for your any particular product or service. To build this kind of app the cost starts from $ 5, 000 and it can go up to $30, 000.

$ 50k to $100k on App Development

In every software you find that it has priorities in its objective first is high, second one is low and the last one is medium. In the same way, if you are going to make app for your business you need to consider your priorities for business after thinking three criteria quality, speed as well as budget. Many companies and freelance developers claim to design, develop a great app for you in your budget so being a client, you need to alert and careful when you are going to choose any of the service provider.

You can get an average figure for how much companies claim to spend on app development. In 2014, a survey was conducted that shows that companies are spending $ 50 k to $ 100 k on an app development.

Because of the high demand, app industry is highly competitive. And, being a business owner this is a tough question for us, how to reach users. And that is why, businesses are eager to get the way to know how much will my business app cost. With a vision to meet this demand various online calculators were developed, we are presenting here some.

Otreva Calculator

Otreva Calculator was developed by Scranton; it is an Otreva based mobile app Development Company in Pennsylvania. It covers multiple platforms, application and admin features, who much it take to build those on average and also an average cost. You can also estimate the cost to develop and iOS, Android, Windows phone etc.

Imason Calculator

Users get a simple three-tutorial that explain them about it working process. In the first step users can select iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows phone and in second step they choose any particular features that they need to get a development quote for, like login, social login and many more.

Kinvey Calculator

To get how much will my business app cost the two previous calculators, this one from Kinvey has one more step for users to go through and allows building more granular app development cost. The steps are platforms choice, internal or external team choice will any cloud teach be used or not, size, user management, kind of data to save, data source choice etc.

And at last, when all information is given, user can provide their email address to get the estimate.

Enterprise Mobile App Calculator

The enterprise mobile app calculator was developed to tackle different question regarding how much will my business app cost. It walks corporate users with many steps to give an estimate. The steps start from B2C needs authentic or not, type of application, UA complexity, features set, using Push Notifications or Not, number of corporate networks to connect to and many more.

Now, it is clear that how much will my business app cost but besides it we also need to be clear in some important factor like team location and an app complexity because both factors have a great impact on an overall development price.

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