How much does it cost to develop a mobile app

In short mobile app is a kind of software program specifically designed to work on a mobile device like tablet or mobile phone. Today, mobile revolution has ushered in an exciting era for business. The current industry has grown increasingly dependent on mobile technology; in order to progress fast you must have a customized mobile application for your business.

New Business Strategy to Go Ahead

There was a time where websites and social media platforms were the only way to build brand equity and increase productivity. But, now building custom mobile application is now the new business strategy to go ahead. As per the report in 2017, there was approx. 197 billion app downloads and this data is enough to make you sure that if you are entering in this field you took right decision.

The increased popularity of the mobile phone has led to a high demand for mobile applications. As from a long time, the mobile phone users spend hours on using apps. So, if you are thinking to make an app, it may be useful to consider the kind of apps that flourished in last year. Furthermore, these apps should have some common to a wide range of apps, understanding the cost of their features is crucial to make your own app. As per the recent report the mobile application industry generated approx. $44.8 billion in 2016 and by 2020, it may go up to $ 100 billion.

Common Formula Is = (Features X Time) X Hourly Rate= Cost

If you are thinking to have a well performing mobile app, you need to consider the cost at first. The development of mobile app is a multi-stage process. And, in order to ensure the quality and functionality there is need of specialization as well as multiple tests. But, if you can develop a mobile app that addresses the need of market then your business will be able to enjoy a windfall of benefits.

The best method to know how much does it cost to develop a mobile app is to start by looking at some of the most famous mobile apps in the world. Even, this is the fact that there is no public data on the actual cost of developing these apps, but it is possible to estimate the costs of developing the same kind of apps. The simple and common formula is = (features X time) X hourly rate= cost

It must be considered that the variations in hourly rates prior to calculate how much it cost to develop a mobile app.

Built on Native, Hybrid or Web

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app, it varies depending on the platform that you select for example Android, iOS or both. You also need to make sure that on which type of device it will run like on phone or tablet. Usually apps are built on native, hybrid or web app. Even, this is said that apps built on native platform best user experience, but this is costly to keep native apps updates and to develop in multiple platforms. Web app is the best if there are minimum needs of native gestures and no need of mobile device features, it is cheap option.

The business model helps in deciding the cost of the app. The aim of any business model is to get profit. The cost of your app will totally depends on how you offer an app, if an app is free to download and use, if it is being charged or if it is sold for a fixed price. Overall, the matter is that is if you have decided to build in-app purchase model, then it will take long time to implement and the cost will also increase.

Cost to Design a Mobile App is $ 2000 to $ 35000

In many ways how much does it cost to develop a mobile app depends on the designing aspects of an app like complexity, level of designer, project size as well as location. To makes it look nice, it also needs icons, tabs, buttons and many more features to make increment in user engagement. The cost can be different as per the experience of user and the company charges for developing a mobile app. Even an average cost to design a mobile app is $ 2000 to $ 35000.

There are services that provide a complete infrastructure to build apps with some amazing features like video streaming, chatting and many more. And, third party integration is done to enable some features in the mobile application, it is on subscription basis and cost depends on the usage.

Informative and Interactive Business App

There are many factors that influence the cost to develop a mobile app, first this is that what kind of application you think your business can rely on and second this is that you are looking for a simple informative app or an interactive business app or a gaming app to promote something for just short term.

Before going on the decision on how much does it cost to develop a mobile app it is important to decide what functionality and features you are going to give to the end users of the application. For example a simple informative app with motto to educate user will be cost lesser than an interactive app that needs to communicate with the users real-time and gives output.

There are many functionalities and features that can be added to an app based on the needs but you should be judicious.

Apart from the above factors, you need to also consider about the evaluated cost of support marketing and advertising, human resources and many more.

Some mobile app development companies are now offering calculators by which you will be able to specify the features that you need to include in your app and know how much does it cost to develop a mobile app so have look and develop app for your business.

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