I have a great app idea but no money

The toughest task for any start up is to make his first investment. And in the current world where you listen news about start-ups on regular basis then the condition became more critical. This is easy to assume that money is being handed out to any person with an idea but in reality this is difficult. Because when a person says that I have a great app idea but no money that means that person is going to take his first step.

Demand for Monetary Support

This is said that if you dont have any money you should always save for the rainy days when some fascinating but imminent idea will come knocking, will promise many things but will need so much to get a kick. Many people think that the level of idea will attract the investors but it is not true. Your idea doesnt have any value until it is validated in terms of clients response.

Before you are going to instant your belief to anyone else, first of all you must believe in your idea to go ahead and get something. If you flounder when you are explaining your idea to the potential investor, it will not be a good situation to demand monetary support.

Tough to Comprehend Completely

If you have no money than there are many options for raising funds to start building your mobile app before you get to the investors. We understand that coming up with an investment source is no so easy, but here are some resources by which you can get started

The first step may to get investors if you also want someone to invest in your then you must have a complete prototype. The application market is just 8 years old so for many investors it may tough to comprehend completely how the app will work it they cant see it. The prototype will help you to show that you are really serious about this idea. You know what anyone can come up with an idea, but this is the execution that keeps matter. If you are not ready to give your time and also some money into creating a well-designed prototype, then why an investor will think to invest in your app.

Adapt the Bootstrap Way

The Bootstrap is the way by which you can get money through your current job, saving, investment or your other business. If you start date is one years away, start saving fund each month. You will not end up with a huge sum but you will be enough to get started. Try to outsource your app development from starting. With it you can work out a payments schedule and help you to get started with small investment.

Contest for App

Contests are taken place where the ideas who got top rank win money to fund development. These kinds of contests are run by business incubators as well as angel funds. But we must say that these contests are highly competitive and tough to win. For this you need to make a strong itch to a set of judges, so make sure that your pitch presentation is nice and show how it is intended to improve lives.

Take Bank Loans

If you say that I have a great app idea but no money then the option of bank loan is the first suggestion given by people generally. There are many banks that provide small business loans to entrepreneurs who can prove that their idea have many revolutionary thing in positive way. You can take help from SBA Loan Programs and Wells Fargo Business Line of Credit.

Angle or seed funding

Angle investors are those individual who invest in companies that have concept or an idea that is on paper and not materialized by means of a developed app. It they trust and get faith in your idea, they will do funding in your idea. The best thing will be if you can showcase a prototype of your mobile app. This will serve as the best proof that you are serious about your product or service about your service enough to put something at stake.

Get Support from Credit Card

Credit card is a thing that you can utilize at any time when you dont have money but you are looking to but something or invest somewhere. So, when this question started to run in your mind and you started to think that I have a great app idea but no money then credit card can give you that initial push. This is very true that using a credit card can be expensive in some way to fund the development but there is also a positive side that with it you can get start as fast as soon.

Make Your Idea Validate

If you have this kind of point of view that your idea is great but it doesnt need validating then you are making mistake here. This kind of thought can waster your hard work and money as well. What if you point of view about your idea, it doesnt keep matter for anything. The most important thing is that what your customer thing before you plan on buying your product.

This is a fact that there are many people in industry who say that I have a great app idea but no money you dont need to fight will them but in order to get success you will have to present the best. Do what you can do with your best effort and design an interface, stick in onto a landing page. The most important part of your app development funding will be to explain what your idea is about and see what people think about it.

Now, this is clear that what kind of answer you will get when you have a doubt regarding I have a great app idea but no money with the steps or method given above you can get the complete way to get funding for your app.

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