How can an SEO Marketer use Google Ads for improving organic traffic?

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Your online business can experience extreme benefits if its organic ranking is higher. Studies show that websites with organic traffic can earn 50% more visitors than any other strategy. But before you reach that level, you need to run a battery of campaigns to set the ball rolling. Of them, PPC (pay-per-click) is the most avowed search engine marketing practice. Looking at the PPC data, you can obtain a clear insight into what you can do or not do for organic optimization. In that sense, you can consider Google Ads (formerly referred to as Google AdWords) as a blessing for your purpose.

Some people feel these data can be too much for a small business, while others don’t even have an idea of how to dig out those gems of information. The job becomes more challenging because of the similarities in SEO data and PPC data. You can, however, rely on Google ads features to address all your concerns.

In this article, you will learn about specific features of Google Ads that can prove helpful for your search engine optimization process.

Add some more rows in segments

You can select search terms match type and devices under segments. When you choose the first option, you get an understanding of how much those searched keywords that triggered the ads have relevance with the ones you used in your account. That, in turn, can also tell you whether you should focus your strategy on head terms or tail terms. For example, if you get conversions from the exact matching words, then incorporating long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy can be a waste.

You may be aware of the source of traffic streaming to your site through analytics. But when you select device segment, you can also find out the number of PPC conversions taking place through mobile and their acquisition cost. If you have not been counting mobile conversion rate into your SEO planning, then start focusing on it now to push your organic growth.

Explore the different conversion metrics

Conversion value, Conversion 1-per-click, many-per-click conversions, conversion value per click, and conversion value per cost are a few factors that you can utilize for your SEO endeavors.

  • Conversion value – As the name suggests, it indicates the kind of value you expect your PPC campaign to deliver. It can be anything, such as the number of sales for an online shopping platform or dollar value of lead generation for a B2B firm. Understanding this value is critical because different types of conversions can contribute differently to revenue and business. For example, you can target your campaign for newsletter signup or sales. Both these are valuable, but each will have a unique contribution to your overall business.


  • Conversion 1-per-click – It helps you identify unique customer acquisition. It does not count any other conversions for 30 days after getting the first success from an ad click.


  • Many-per-click conversions – From this, you can understand how many conversions are happening from an ad click, keyword, or campaign. For example, someone clicks on your ad for dog food and then signs up for your newsletter and buys the food item also. Here, you can notice conversions at two levels sales and signups.


  • Conversion value per click – It can enable you to focus on the valuable traffic for your website. You can divide the total number of conversions by a total number of clicks to understand how many bids you should place on a keyword to increase your revenue.


  • Conversion value per cost You can apply this metric to improve your ROI by weighing your revenue against losses. Through this column, you can target keywords, audiences, demographics, and devices better. Some search engine marketers believe that brand campaigns can generate stronger ROI compared to generic keywords, which mostly help in creating brand awareness or comparisons.

Know when to launch your content campaign through time and geographic metrics

Time and geographic, these other two metrics in Google ads platform can help you gauge the performance of your content strategy based on hours and days and places. If you are planning to start a content campaign, then knowing the time around which most conversions happen can be beneficial for you. Similarly, if you see the place from where user traffic is coming, you can target that into your content, for example, tree removal Seattle.

Spot the best-performing pages through destination URLs

You can look inside the destination URL report in the ad platform to discover the top-performing URLs and landing pages in terms of higher conversions. Study those links and pages that make them stand out from the rest on performance parameters so that you can implement them in your SEO pages. You can replicate some of the useful changes there to make them on par with the high-converting PPC ones.

Optimize your pages with the help of text Ad copy

After taking stock of click-through rates and Quality Scores that point at the quality and importance of keywords and PPC ads, you can pore over the headings to check their performance. You can learn about how well or not your title tags and other elements are doing with the audiences. Once you find things out, you can assess the effectiveness of the messages carried in the title of the pages, copy, offers, call-to-action content, etc. For example, if ‘use free offers today’ gets you best results compared to ‘learn more about offers,’ then you can tweak your communication accordingly. You can get similar help by looking at the banner ad performance. Some ad creative with a particular type of language may have triggered better audience response than others. You can take a clue from there for you other SEO initiatives.

Since managing everything on your own may not be possible for you or your in-house teams, you can consider taking outside help. When it comes to polished SEO practices, only an expert can guide you right on how to do things. For that reason, you can consider partnering with Golden Advantage Seattle or some other well-known SEO agency in your network.

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